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8 Day Mozambique Escape

The perfect beach overland experience. 8 days of the best Mozambique has to offer.

Starting in Mozambique’s capital of Maputo you will move North to the Inhambane area with all its beaches and cultural heritage. Next you will head to Vilanculos, famous for its white sandy beaches and amazing snorkeling. From here it’s on to Bazaruto and finally Xai Xai before you head back to Maputo to finish your trip.

This African overland adventure is a great way to spend your days relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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Day 1


Maputo, previously known as Lourenco Marques before independence is the capital & largest city of Mozambique. Often described as Africa’s “Latin” city, Maputo is truly an African capital like no other. Upon arrival in Maputo, our guide will take us on a short drive through the city. Tonight we will stay in this vibrant city and will enjoy a meal out together.

Optional Activity: Dinner Out Maputo

Day 2

Maputo – Inhambane

Departing early, we say farewell to Maputo and travel further north through coconut plantations to the old Portuguese settlement of Inhambane. This coastal region is very relaxing and boasts incredible beaches. We spend the next three nights in our accommodation right at the beach.

Optional Activity: N/A

Day 3


As we will be spending tonight in Inhambane, you have the entire day at your leisure, to participate in one of many activities available here and to explore the area. In the afternoon, your guide will drive you to Tofo, where you can explore the local market and this quaint seaside village.

Optional Activity: Inhambane Snorkeling, Ocean Safari and Snorkeling

Day 4


Reported to be home to the largest juvenile whale shark population in the world, Praia do Tofo is amongst the best spots in the world where you are able to participate in an ocean safari, where you will have the opportunity to snorkel with these gentle giants of the sea. Apart from the whale sharks, you may also encounter manter rays and dolphins during your ocean safari. Take advantage of your day at leisure by joining in on an optional ocean safari.

Optional Activity: Inhambane Snorkeling, Ocean Safari and Snorkeling

Day 5

Inhambane – Vilanculos

We will enjoy a short tour of Inhambane, before heading north to the town of Vilanculos. Bazaruto Island is Mozambique’s premier destination and it’s not hard to understand why. A protected area, the sea-life here is spectacular and snorkeling at one of the reefs is one of the best ways to enjoy it. We will arrive in Vilanculos in the late afternoon and after settling into our accommodation, will be briefed on our Bazaruto excursion the following day.

Optional Activity: N/A

Day 6


The Bazaruto is one of Southern Africa’s largest marine parks and we will spend the day exploring the area where you will have the opportunity to snorkel, swim and explore the island. We depart from Vilanculos in the morning and will head to 2 Mile Reef for some snorkelling followed by lunch on one of the islands.

Optional Activity: N/A

Activity Package: Bazaruto Day trip

Day 7

Bazaruto –  Xai Xai

The town of Xai Xai lies just north of Maputo, situated on the banks of the Limpopo river. It is a bustling town with markets, shops, restaurants and bars. We will spend our final night in Mozambique in this seaside village, preparing for our journey back to Maputo.

Optional Activity: N/A

Day 8

Xai Xai – Maputo

Today we will make our way back to Maputo where your tour will end upon arrival.

 Optional Activity: N/A

Activity Package

Listed below are activities and highlights that form part of an “Optional Activity Package”.  You will need to purchase this package if you would like to partake in what we consider to be “essential activities” on our tours.  The Activity Package has been written into the itinerary of the tour so please keep this in mind as if you don’t book the package, the activities won’t be included.  We suggest that you prebook and prepay for your Activity Package to ensure availability.

  • Bazaruto Day Trip
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